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Three week progress

27 Sep


I have muscles where?!?’

27 Sep

I decided to give PiYo a try last night. It’s like Pilates on steroids. It was really fun….like I wanted to cry I was in so much pain having so much fun. Stretching my body into shapes that only laffy taffy should be stretched. It was an hour of craziness. I survived. My sister and I also decided it would be a great idea to walk down, but that meant we had to walk home after, it was the longest two blocks ever! After I actually felt pretty good. But then I had to get out of bed this morning. Holy hell Harry, I am so sore. I have all these muscles that I didn’t even know existed. I have this lovely layer of fat all over my body. It protects all of my muscles. Let me tell you, I have places that hurt that haven’t seen the sun. Now I’m off to a spin class. Wish me luck……I really need it…..


8.5 pounds gone

26 Sep

Ok so I have lost 8.5 pounds in three weeks….yay…..but I still have like a million more to go. My pants are looser which is lovely, but I wish I could wake up and be at my goal weight. My goal weight is 140. I’m not sharing my starting weight, it may scare you. Short and sweet post, cause I am short and sweet……piyo tonight and a spin class in the am with a friend, so if I don’t post in a while its because I am recovering from these new and wonderful classes….


2 weeks NO weight loss

25 Sep

Well I am not a happy camper, not at all. 2 weeks with NO weight loss, nada. I know I shouldn’t worry about what the scale says, but I’m so bummed. My pants are getting looser, im happy for that, but I want to see the numbers going down. Like a stripper going down a pole, nice and fast. Argh!!!!!!! I’m so sick of aches and pains, seriously, I’m 32 not 82. I do have a theme song to my life, it goes like this…. Click clack crack, ugh oh eee, and just keep repeating. So today will be my feel sorry for myself day…….any encouragement for me my peeps? Cheerleaders???? Anyone????


Damn scales

22 Sep

I think that a good piece of advice is weighing in daily. You can even weigh yourself multiple times a day. It almost gives you bipolar tendencies. You step on the scale first thing and see you’ve lost 1.2 pounds in a day…..whoa mama, that’s some exciting stuff. So you go and have that extra egg for breakfast, cause hey, you deserve it. You are up and happy, all is right in the world. But then you get the bright idea to weigh yourself again, you should be down another few pounds from breakfast, cause bodies don’t fluctuate weight during the day, holy mother of cheese, you have gained 3 pounds. You sulk away sad and angry. How could this happen??? I mean it’s not the different clothes you have on, or the food and drink, no, it’s nasty real deal fat. So if you want to have ups and downs all day like a flippin’ roller coaster, go ahead and weigh yourself all day long. If not, stick to once weekly weigh ins…..
This has been a public service announcement from your friendly fat chick.


2 weeks down….

21 Sep


Tips from a friend

21 Sep

One of my bff’s decided to show me some great exercises that she learned from her personal trainer. I don’t have a personal trainer, cause I know every exercise. I’m really good at them all. So she lays on the ground, with her head a hands length away from the wall, and says now lift your legs and touch your toes to the wall. She does it so effortlessly. Then comes my turn to try it, it should be super simple, right?!?!? WRONG. Who’s legs can go up and back? Not mine. I Thought I’m not getting enough momentum, I try again. Son of a !€}#!€}€}€”, my darn gut is in the way. Seriously, my beautiful muffin top was stopping my legs from easily going up. Well damn. I looked like a ball with legs, flopping all over my floor. It was a sight for sure. If my BFF had taped me doing it, she would be the newest YouTube sensation. It was like people of Walmart. I’ll stick to walking, jogging, etc… At least my fat gut won’t get in the way…..


Some evening jiggles…erm giggles

20 Sep






Hey! You look great!

17 Sep

Do you ever see someone who’s lost weight and say “hey! You look great!”? Or “holy moly, you lost a ton of weight”. Well this is obviously not happening to me yet, but I do it all the time. I don’t even think, I just blurt it out. I got thinking that you could just as easily say “you looked like total horse crap before when you were a fatty, but now that you lost weight you look great!”. Seriously, I go around telling people that almost on a daily basis. So when you see me just tell me I look like a mushed up rotten baby diaper full of road kill. It will really pump me up for the future when I lose my weight and get all the compliments. Mmmmmkay.

Train stopping….

17 Sep

Today I went for a walk out in the country….it was beautiful. I decided to go back on the train tracks. That was fun tripping all over the place. But at least the trains rarely come through. Then I heard it off in the distance. It was the train whistle. Awwww man, I sure hope I have time to jump off the tracks. I wasn’t planning on getting run over by a train this morning. The whistle was getting closer and closer…..what should I do?!?!?! I mean I don’t really want to just step to the side, there could be danger lurking. Then I see it, the bright light on the end of the train. Crap, it’s getting closer. I need to find a way out. I look from side to side…’s about a 1 or 2 inch drop on either side. I’m stuck…..but then it happens, the train stops, it just stops on the tracks. I’m not sure if he thought I would ruin his train if he hit me, the impact would be great. But I’m pretty sure he saw how hot I was and couldn’t go on.