Let the party begin…

8 Sep

>;Being fat is fun, and fun being, lazy, tired, and grumpy. So if those things spark your fancy, go ahead and eat and sit on your bum. It will be so very enjoyable, but for me, being fat sucks, I’m talking sucks like a big hairy butt. No one wants a big hairy butt. So as I weighed in to start our local towns biggest loser contest, I almost fainted right there. The scale was telling me lies, I had a little talk with it, and stepped back on. Bam….same numbers. Oh scale how could you do this to me, I mean, I wasn’t the one who made myself fat, it was that damn scale. So I moped downstairs and reported those awful numbers. Highest weight in my whole life. Ick!!!!!!

First things first, I needed to cut out sugars. I have a long love story with pastries, cakes, and cookies……let me tell you, we had a great thing going. They would look at me with those sad eyes and scream EAT ME. Who was I to tell them no. I didnt want those poor, sweet, delicious sweets to get depressed. So I ate away, and ate some more, well heck I just kept on eating them, you know, to make them happy. So it has been FOUR days without sugar. You would think I was detoxing from heroine or something.

Next thing is exercise. We have a “you suck you crazy stupid thing. Who thought exercise is good” relationship. I mean who wants to run around sweating enough sweat to fill a pool, a very stinky, salty pool. Well needless to say, I rolled myself off my couch and started walking. It wasn’t so bad, I cracked a few places in the pavement, but that was just from my awesomeness, not my weight.

My BFF said lets go do turbo. Well turbo is this crazy kicking, punching, jumping, with a pinch of sexy built into a 1 hour workout. I said no way. I don’t need to be busting a move in a public setting. I went anyway. It was amazing, fun, and sweaty…..the sweat was just a’ flying. I went to bed thinking that I would probably be stuck there for months, and possibly years. But lo and behold, I woke up feeling fantastic. But to be honest, I think it’s just because of my awesomeness.


One Response to “Let the party begin…”

  1. Kiera October 15, 2012 at 4:37 am #

    lol, I can very much relate to a lot of what you said. It’s hard to get going but once you do, it can be a huge motivator!

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