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Sandy Hook

18 Dec

In light of this horrific tragedy that took place on the morning of December 14, in a quaint CT town, I will write about that.
A very sick young man took the lives of twenty children, and eight adults, himself included. It shocked the World. Before the families of the deceased even knew if their children were gone, the Internet exploded with EVERYONE’S opinions on this shooting. Gun laws should be changed, some said. Others said guns should be illegal. But what really needs to happen first, mourn the victims, pray for all involved, helping this small town to recover as best as it can. We then need to look into what our country has to offer for mental health care. Mental health care in our country can be almost non-existent to those without insurance. And for those with insurance, there may be run arounds. Many times mentally ill people will be handed a prescription, and that is it. While prescriptions are helpful, there needs to be a continuing plan that includes therapy. Medications will not help people work through the feelings they have. I am not saying every mentally ill person will shoot out a school, because that is just not the case. But there are the few who do have violent tendencies and sometimes through no fault of there own. They are ill, some hear voices. I have personal experience with this. My second cousin suffers many mental ailments, and she heard voices. They told her to do harm to herself. Luckily, she expressed this, and she was able to get help. But had she just let the voices control her, she would not be here today. She is not a normal case though. She is basically a child of the state. She has 24 hour supervision. Most people who are mentally ill do not. So instead of arguing on social networks about gun control, which will do no good, be proactive. Research, write to our “government”, help those who need it. We need to have mental health care available to everyone. But debating all this on social networks won’t do a damn thing. You need to actually get off your computer and do something.
I challenge you all to do something nice for someone. It does not matter what, just a nice gesture. A smile, a quick hello, holding the door. It can be anything, it may seem small to you, but it could mean the world to the person.
“Never worry about numbers. Help one person at a time, and always start with the person nearest you”. ~Mother Teresa

1 Timothy 6:11 NIV …pursue righteousness, godliness, faith, love, endurance and gentleness.


Blubbery and jiggly

6 Dec

So my back went out a month ago. I stopped insanity to let it recover, I got out of the routine of working out. My back got better, I still didn’t work out. I feel like total poo. My muscles have turned from rock hard to jello like. I’m like the Michelin man. All rolly and nasty. My face looks like a melted marshmallow. So I decided to get back into my routine. I woke up ready to go, and wouldn’t you know, my flippin’ back was out. So in four weeks I have turned into a big ball of mashed taters. How discouraging. So I will be back!!!! Seriously, everything stems from being a fat ass. So I am going to fix my back, and go go gadget. Stay tuned for some more insanity updates once I get my bulging discs to un bulge, so I can unbulge myself.