Starting over

20 Sep

I haven’t blogged in a while. It’s funny I stop blogging and gain weight. So I have come to the conclusion that blogging =weight loss. Sounds about right. I’m sick of being the fat one. I’m sick of being tired. So about two weeks ago I decided to make a change, a lifestyle change. The first few days were awful. I was withdrawing from sugar, and man oh man that’s rough. I was grumpy and hangry. But that only lasted about three days. Thank God. I’m sure my family rejoiced that first day I wasn’t the wicked witch of the west.
I started debolting boards for a friend at his warehouse. Holy moly that was a workout. Even my finger muscles are screaming. But it sure gets my sweat on. I am like a crazy mad woman doing it. I guess my calling is construction. :sigh. I was really hoping my calling would be healer or librarian. Nope, I’m meant for physical labor. At least I found something I’m good at. My co-workers make me board though.

So I have made some good progress in the last 15 days, 9 pounds gone and more to go. Goodbye forever!

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