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When Life knocks you down

31 May

I haven’t blogged in a very long time. That must be why I gained weight. I mean, blogging has no calories.

About a month ago life hit me in the face and knocked me down. It was a terrible realization. I was literally losing everything at once. This particular thing was not my fault, but I know I had many faults leading up to this day.  I was depressed and broken. I turned my head to the Heavens and just prayed. Thankful for my friends and family I was able to pick myself up. That was no easy feet. I’m a big chunk a monk. My weight started dropping. It was a dramatic unfortunate way to drop weight. I decided if my body was going to expel nastiness I would help it. I started moving. I’m a pretty lazy person. I’m not proud of that. I won’t brag too much about it, but I could win an award for laziness.  I start walking.  A little one day a lot the next. I decided I will not walk less than 2 miles every day.  I have energy for the first time in years. I’ve shed about 20 pounds in the last month. I am ready to shed another 20 or 200. I am ready to live!  I can’t imagine doing this without Jesus. I think things would have been so much worse had I not known Him.   He has carried me and I have given it all up to Him. Here’s to many more wonderful days, weeks, and years!  Cheers!