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16 Jul

so I got a Fitbit through my works wellness program. I’m pretty excited. Why you ask?  Because now that I have a Fitbit I will automatically start shedding more body fat.  It’s that simple. It has this internal fat bhen you have it on your wrist.  You don’t even need to move.  You just wear it and lose inches.  I can feel my fat melting when I wear it. You should all go out and get one.

it really folks, Fitbit is doing good things for those that are hungry.  So get one and get your sweat on.



12 Jul

its amazing how I feel so revved and energized but I don’t feel like I’m losing weight.  I feel great when I leave the house.  I think “damn I am one hot mama!”  I then walk by a window or mirror  and want to puke. I’m all sorts of jiggly fluffy ew!  I decided to take a picture in the same position throughout my little journey. I put them together and bam!  I have lost weight. I don’t look like I’m 5 weeks over due to give birth.  Yes people always asked me when I was due. I tell you, that is such a confidence booster.  Sometimes I would reply excitedly “I’m pregnant????  I didn’t even know!!!”  So I put the pictures together and wow.  I have lost weight, but not only that inches.  I am not even close to being done, but it boosts my spirits enough to not give up.  So here is 39 days of progress.  Enjoy. 😉