Blubbery and jiggly

6 Dec

So my back went out a month ago. I stopped insanity to let it recover, I got out of the routine of working out. My back got better, I still didn’t work out. I feel like total poo. My muscles have turned from rock hard to jello like. I’m like the Michelin man. All rolly and nasty. My face looks like a melted marshmallow. So I decided to get back into my routine. I woke up ready to go, and wouldn’t you know, my flippin’ back was out. So in four weeks I have turned into a big ball of mashed taters. How discouraging. So I will be back!!!! Seriously, everything stems from being a fat ass. So I am going to fix my back, and go go gadget. Stay tuned for some more insanity updates once I get my bulging discs to un bulge, so I can unbulge myself.


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